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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Contract: What Does It All Mean?

Oh my! The publisher at Kregel Publications recently sent me a 17-page contract for my Christian suspense novel. It covers every eventuality: if the author (that's me) plagiarized, if the author doesn't do revisions in a timely manner, if the author writes a sequel (understandably, Kregel wants to be the first to see it), if the publisher doesn't produce the novel within the next year. I'm learning so much about the process. A big help on the contract has been The Little Handbook to Perfecting the Art of Christian Writing by Leonard G. Goss and Don M. Aycock. (Thank you, Rosey Dow, for the recommendation.) This handy book has an entire chapter that dissects the publishing contract and makes it understandable, especially for someone who is totally in the dark like I am.

I have two attorney friends who have agreed to look the contract over. I've been told that legal expertise is a must. I'm sure the contract is pretty standard and that no one will take me to the cleaners, but it's nice to have some protection.

Author friends are also encouraging to start my own marketing plan for the book -- all this on top of the work I need to fit into each day. I'm buying a couple marketing books and waiting on the Lord for wisdom as I tread along this mysterious path.

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