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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

FATAL ILLUSIONS Announced as Novel Title

I'm pleased to announce that Kregel has approved the final title of my Christian suspense novel as FATAL ILLUSIONS. I'm pleased with the title and eager to see the final cover as well.

My editor also e-mailed me this morning to say that she has officially approved my revised manuscript. So what's next? Now the manuscript goes to the "line editors," who begin the stage of grammar, consistency, and fact checking. They will query me if they have any questions along the way. I may need to rework a few scenes a little bit, but I won't be doing any major rewriting at this point. We're getting closer!

What am I doing now? I've already written the epigraph; that's the part that goes at the very beginning of the novel, usually a couple quotes or a Bible verse. Then I need to finish writing the dedication and the acknowledgments. So many people to thank! I could never have reached this part of the journey without so many cheerleaders and coaches along the way.

May the Lord receive the glory!

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