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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Tenth Plague Submitted to My Publisher

First, an Apology

Adam hard at work in his home office
Many may have wondered why I've been silent so long. It's true: I haven't sent out a writing update in ages. Why? I wanted to stay focused on the next novel and not continually bug all you nice people until I actually had something important to say. I hope you'll forgive me, but there was method behind my madness. Still, I should have worked harder at staying in touch.

The Sequel Is Done

Now for the big news. The Tenth Plague, my sequel to Fatal Illusions, is finally in the hands of my publisher. I'm grateful to God for helping me on this long journey that began with a synopsis submitted during the summer of 2009 and later to a major rewrite that began last May. My writing journeys are never easy and often seem to take a very long time—all within God's grand design, of course. I guess God also wants to teach me patience when a certain plot segment takes literally hours to get right, and humility when I can't keep up to the pace of other successful novelists.

So What Happens Next?

Now I wait to hear if my publisher likes the sequel. There are no guarantees that the sequel will even be accepted, though I have a gut feeling that the project is strong. In my opinion, it's my best work so far. But of course I bet every novelist feels that way after finishing a big project.

What am I working on next? A lot of story ideas are bouncing around in my head even as I write this. I have a file full of all sorts of unusual story ideas. The problem isn't finding ideas. It's seeing the potential in them and learning how to craft them into a believable, engaging read with a strong protagonist who faces a foe, struggles, even gets hurt, but wins in a big way. Yes, a certain unusual story idea has been nagging me for a while, so that's where I'm going next. What's the idea? Not so fast. You'll have to wait and see. (-;

Other News of Interest

Fatal Illusions has been on the Kregel best-seller list for a year now, so I find that news encouraging. All glory to God!

Last summer I had the honor of being a contributing columnist at the Christian Fiction Online Magazine. If you're interested in learning more about the process that went into writing Fatal Illusions, surf on over to my article, "What You Don't Know Can Hurt You."

How Are Things with My Dad?

Mom and Dad at Thanksgiving
Many may be wondering about my dad's brain cancer. Praise God, the cancer hasn't revealed any growth for a full year, so we are rejoicing. Doctors gave Dad a minimum of two years (January will mark Dad's two-year anniversary), so we have much to be grateful for. However, please keep my folks in prayer. Dad has suffered brain damage and struggles with simple things: seeing (on the left side), walking, remembering things, and doing things with his hands. He's been a fixer and hands-on type all his life, so perhaps you can imagine how hard (and depressing) this lifestyle change has been for him. He can easily become confused, but thankfully my mom is there to take care of him and remind him of God's goodness. Life isn't easy for them, but God gives grace for each day. I'm thankfully only five minutes away and can zip over at a moment's notice if they need help.

Thank you for your support. I'll be in touch when and if I have any news to share. In the meantime, I'll try not to bug you too much. May the Lord receive the glory for whatever He chooses to do. May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!


  1. Nice update, Adam! It seems so OFFICIAL now, once you make it public. :-)
    Cross all fingers and toes and wait and wait and wait. Oh, then wait some more!

    You can go here to see my totally unexpected and falling-off-my-chair news:!/photo.php?fbid=10150370301505160&set=a.225522360159.276360.37640760159

  2. Congratulations on completing yet another manuscript. We join you in hoping the publishers will like it, but either way you have reached yet another plateau simply by arriving at this stage of your career!

  3. Congrats on the finished MS. Feel a few pounds lighter?! :D

    I'd ask when I get to read a draft but I actually don't think I'll have time for another month or so.

    When are these books going to be available as audio books? I wonder if Kregel would be interested in licensing someone to do that. I've listened to about 3 times as many novels as I've "read" in the past two years.