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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back on Murder by J. Mark Bertrand

Yet another Christian novel I'm reading. Bertrand is a master at dialogue and characterization (through dialogue). So far, I must confess that the plot isn't grabbing me, but I'm sure things will pick up.

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Back on Murder (A Roland March Mystery)
Back on Murder (A Roland March Mystery) [Paperback]

Roland March, on the verge of being cut loose from the Houston Police Department after suffering a personal tragedy that has affected his job performance, is given one last chance after he notices evidence of a missing female victim at a gang-related multiple-murder scene. March tries to connect the female victim with Hannah Mayhew, a teenager who performed outreach work for her church and who recently disappeared from a local mall; his superiors are unconvinced, but they agree to transfer March to the Hannah Mayhew task force. He continues to investigate the connection, working under the radar, with the help of a youth pastor, to prove his suspicions. In his personal life, March tries to reconnect with his wife, who is also suffering. Carefully drawn details of police work, well-delineated characters, multiple interesting cases, and a vivid Houston setting add to the strong mystery. --Sue OBrien


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