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Monday, August 23, 2010

Book Review: The Gathering Storm

My Mom's Review

The Thoenes have written a book that I have to give mixed reviews to. I really enjoyed the historical aspects of the book, finding how it could have been for me if I were caught in Hitler's grip in Berlin and then in Belgium. I learned a lot about those days and the how and why things were done for the refugees fleeing before the Nazi Army and Air Force. It was really interesting to learn about the war activity in London, the home of one of my grandparents.

To go to the negative side of my review, I was disappointed in the expressions of sexual attraction between the two main characters.  God's Word says to "flee youthful lusts," and I feel that young people reading these sections in the book would be led to lustful thoughts. It is not needful to express sexual attraction in this way. It could have been done much more tastefully. Christians are bombarded on every side with the world view of sex, and it would be good to have some sources of good reading that would steer clear of this onslaught. I really like to read the Thoenes' books and have enjoyed them in the past, but I feel that I will have to steer clear from now on, and I am a grandmother. What is good for our youth is good for us all.

Rhoda J. Blumer

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