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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dad Goes to New Treatment

Just an update on Dad's status after Mom called me. Yesterday Dad began a new treatment called Avastin (it is not chemo); in fact, he did ninety minutes of it via an IV. He will now be taking Avastin twice a month intravenously, and he will continue Temodar once a month orally for five days, as he has already been doing.

On Dec. 11, Mom and Dad have an appointment with a surgeon in Milwaukee to discuss the CAT scan and see what the next step should be. On Dec. 14, Mom and Dad will be traveling to Marquette, Michigan, so a "mediport" can be installed in Dad's chest. Because Avastin needs to be taken via IV, this step will make the experience of getting treatments easier for Mom and Dad in the long run.

There are good reports on Avastin. It isn't supposed to make Dad feel as sick, though there are other side effects to watch for. Some folks respond to it in different ways. Pray that Dad is among those who respond well.

Mom and Dad seem to be in good spirits. Thanks for your prayers and keep praying. God is always good and knows what's best for all of us.

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