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Monday, December 14, 2009

Note from My Mom about My Dad's Cancer

Dear All,

Just back from Madison/Milwaukee.  Saw Dr White yesterday and he is having a conference with Dr. Bastin the radiologist at Aurora  and we are to contact him on Tuesday.

He said to keep pushing until we got him if there were problems.  He suggests Cyberknife if Dr Bastin thinks it is time to do so and also more surgery is possible.

Cyber knife would be a whole lot easier on Larry.  Pray that the insurance with cover it.

We are off to Marquette Hospital Monday to get the mediport and Larry has Avastin IV on Wed afternoon.

Thank you for all your prayers.  Love  Larry and Rhoda

Oh, Dr White  was amazed that Larry was in such great condition after 12 months of this diagnosis.  His Oncologist Dr.  Morel was pleased also that the growth was not worse than it was.  We heard about a man today on the radio who had malignant CA of the brain and he lived 18 years.  Larry keeps praying for 20 years or the rapture or complete healing of course.

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